Dianella Residence

Status: complete

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design /
  • Interiors

When we first walked into this home we knew it had good “bones”. The layout felt right and the clients were happy with the size of the home. It was very simply a case of designing a new fitout, replacing windows, window frames and landscaping. The outdoor entertaining areas and pool were designed to improve the client’s lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Accessibility from inside the home to the new outdoor living areas was improved.

The orientation of the home is not correct for solar passive design as it faces southwest. The cost to the environment on landfill and the amount of embodied energy of new materials in replacing this home with a new building, makes this renovation a good example of sustainability. The overall benefit to the environment and cost savings to the client far outweigh the extra energy this home may use over a new home due to its improper orientation. Such considerations should always be discussed prior to launching ahead and demolishing a home for a new building.