With a passion for sustainability and energy-efficient design, Ecohabit is a leader of design and build in Western Australia

who we are

Hi, I’m Adrian Fratelle, Director of Ecohabit. I started working in the industry in the early nineties when I took a job as a designer in the residential building industry. I quickly realised, however, that I wasn’t satisfied with the homes the market was producing.

Most were built with brick or concrete, with large air-conditioners and far too many down lights to compensate for their inefficient design. So, after only two years in the industry as a designer, I knew I wanted to create something different.

I wanted to architecturally design liveable homes, with an eco-edge – something that wasn’t happening in Perth’s market.

That’s when I first started designing energy efficient homes. Several years later I decided to further my studies to become a builder and started working on-site as a tradesman and supervisor. During this time I continued designing homes.

Clients saw the benefit of my on-site experience coupled with my willingness to design homes that were different. With each new design I began to get a reputation for designing homes that “worked”. They were practical, not oversized and, most of all, comfortable. Before I knew it, I was designing so many energy-efficient homes that I downed the tools and started designing full-time.

Rachael Lewis is a registered architect with 12 years’ experience. On completion of her Master of Architecture in 2008 she commenced work in the private sector working on a wide variety of residential, commercial, government and education projects. In 2014 she commenced a 5 year Design Management role on the New WA Museum Boola Bardip, participating in the delivery of the Museum with a focus on ensuring excellent design outcomes. This wide variety of experience has been invaluable in allowing Rachael to develop a broad range of skills across all stages of the delivery of projects of all scales.

Recently Rachael has had the opportunity to focus on her passion for residential design through her work with both Ecohabit as well as teaching Residential Design at North Metropolitan TAFE. As a firm believer that excellent design should be accessible to all, Rachael is committed to producing designs that contribute to her clients quality of life as well as achieving excellent sustainable outcomes.


Sacha Clark is a Graduate of Architecture, with experience working in the design, project management and construction sectors. She completed her Masters of Architecture in 2020 from the University of Western Australia and gained hands-on experience working alongside various architects and other design professionals whilst undertaking her studies.

She has had the opportunity to work and study overseas throughout her early career, living in Canada, the United States and Sweden for long periods of time. Studying and travelling in Scandinavia has sparked her passion for sustainability, specifically in the areas of lifestyle, architecture and design. She has since designed multiple solar passive dwellings in the South-West of Western Australia.


Carmen Barahona is a experienced and versatile Graduate of Architecture, with a diverse background in the field. She has lived and worked in Central America, Indonesia, and Australia since obtaining her Bachelor of Architecture in Honduras in 2017, giving her exposure to various design and construction practices that she incorporates into her projects.

Her extensive experience has inspired a passion for sustainable design and she is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that balance aesthetics and functionality. In addition, she is currently pursuing an interior design degree to enhance her existing architecture education and provide even more value to her work.


Lou Day is a professional Interior Consultant who brings a range of invaluable experience to our team and offers extensive expertise in all aspects of specification and design layouts. Her involvement with our firm includes working on small to large scale projects, including: Residential Apartments, High-end Boutique Hotels, Aged Care and Retail Fit-Outs. Lou’s innate style and versatility is reflected in her ability to provide wide ranging creative solutions across a broad budget range. Her confidence and calm manner are evident when she engages with clients, bringing a unique ability to effortlessly adjust designs which meet expectations and goals.

Lou performs to the highest level, consistently achieving excellent outcomes. For over 15 years, she has successfully contracted her services to Architects, Builders and Private Clients.


what we believe

We should all try a new EcoHabit

The word ecohabit is a derivative of two words, ecology and habit. Ecology is the study of organisms and their interaction with their environment. Habit is a word we are all more familiar with. It means an acquired pattern of behaviour. Therefore, an ecohabit is a habit formed between our interaction with each other and the environment.

Many of us think that our environment is our land, our forests, our country or our planet. This can make it overwhelming to consider how we can take care of our environment; the earth is large and filled with billions of people after all. But our environment actually starts at the tip of our nose. It’s at our desks, our houses and the yards around it. By taking care of this environment first we’re playing an important role in taking care of the environment that is our entire earth.

Right here at my desk I have a paper-recycling tray. That’s my first ecohabit! I walk to work whenever I can. My second ecohabit. These are some very simple ways to start creating a sustainable way of life.

Let’s take it up a notch. Say I’m renovating and extending my home. Straight away, by maintaining some of the original structure I’m reducing landfill and conserving energy as the building does not need to be demolished and removed. I have decided that the new building will be timber framed, slab on ground with good northern aspect to the living areas.

The timber framing is lightweight plantation pine so it’s a renewable resource and has comparatively minimal impact on the environment. My concrete slab will be polished, exposed to northern winter sunlight and will provide my home with great thermal mass. Combine that with well-insulated walls and ceilings so I won’t need to run a heater during winter or air-conditioner in summer. Now that’s a good ecohabit that will also save money!

With a bit of knowledge and some good habits we can start to create a sustainable environment for our families and ourselves. Many of these will be cheaper or won’t even cost a thing. For example, try walking to work, or catching public transport.

Other habits may cost nothing over and above what we’re already paying. Like changing a blown halogen light globe to an LED energy saver globe, or having your home designed to be solar passive to reduce energy consumption and improve your lifestyle.

At Ecohabit we’ll consider how we can seamlessly introduce new ecohabits into your lifestyle while designing your home. Call us today and arrange a free consultation to discuss how, together, we can create you and your family a new lifestyle full of good ecohabits.



what we can do for you

Our approach focuses on your needs

At Ecohabit we firmly believe that everyone should experience living in a well-designed home that’s tailored around their lifestyle. One person’s ecohabits are different from the next so we take the time to talk with our clients and understand what they would like to achieve. Because it’s the place we spend most of our time, it should be designed accordingly.

As an architecture and building practice Ecohabit is always working for our clients. We put your needs and the design foremost and ensure the construction of your home surpasses expectation. Let us show you how the architectural design process can be affordable to everyone, and I’ll fulfil my purpose of seeing as many people as possible living happily in well-designed, thermally efficient homes in Western Australia.

See our services page for more information on how our service is affordable for you.

our industry connections

Our connections help us do our best work

Constantly engaging with companies and researchers within our industry keeps us informed on new developments and advancements in sustainable design.

We are Professional Members of PrefabAUS, a body for Australia’s off-site construction industry. They focus on transforming the built environment, decreasing wastage and increasing the quality and efficiency of our buildings. Our involvement with PrefabAUS has helped us deliver fantastic results for clients in the past, utilising their knowledge and expertise to deliver projects quickly, efficiently and with minimal waste.

The quality of your build is also guaranteed, as our membership with the Australian Institute of Architects ensures that we maintain the highest standard of service and ethics. You can be sure that we are the best of the best, having won dozens of awards with Ecohabit and Fratelle over our years of membership with Design Matters, the national body for Building Designers.



let’s work together

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