About Us

With a passion for sustainability and energy efficient design, Ecohabit is one of the leaders in architectural home design in Western Australia

Who we are

Hi, I'm Adrian Fratelle, Director of Ecohabit. When I first started in the residential building industry in the early nineties I was discouraged by homes the market was producing.

Most were built with brick or concrete, with large air-conditioners and loads of down lights required to compensate for their inefficient design. So after only two years in the industry as a designer I knew I wanted to create something different. I wanted to architecturally design liveable homes, with an eco edge – something that wasn’t happening in Perth’s market, so I started to design my own energy efficient homes.

Several years later I decided to further my studies with a view to becoming a builder.  I also worked onsite as a tradesman and supervisor. During this time I was also being asked to design homes, clients saw the benefit of my on site experience coupled with my willingness to design homes that were different. I also began to get a reputation for designing homes that “worked”. They were practical, not oversized and most of all were comfortable for the occupants. Before I knew it I was designing so many energy efficient homes, I decided to down tools and designing became my full time job.

Fast forward to the present day where I have been running an architecture practice, Fratelle Group, with my wife and business partner Kylee Schoonens. Our practice has been very successful and we now produce award-winning buildings of all shapes and sizes. At Fratelle Group our work covers both commercial and residential fields. However, my passion for sustainable and solar passive home design still thrives and because of this we created Ecohabit, a division of Fratelle Group that focuses on affordable sustainable residential design.

Ecohabit has once again allowed me to continue my passion for eco home design. It not only lets me create wonderful sustainable and solar passive design, but also enables me to develop people’s ecohabits and educate the wider public on eco design through a series of seminars at Home Base Expo and various Town Councils.

Our team of architects and I can design you a home that will fulfil your requirements in performance and style. Being an architectural practice we are not limited to a particular style, and we have the depth in knowledge to provide you a home at any level of specification or budget.

What we can do for you

Our approach allows you to get the best in design with the flexibility of builders.

At Ecohabit we firmly believe everyone should experience living in a well designed home that is tailored around their lifestyle – one person’s ecohabits are different from the next. We spend the time to talk with our clients to understand what they would like to achieve. It is your home for you to live in and it is so important that the home suits you personally, and not others.

As an architectural practice Ecohabit is always working for our clients. Should you wish, we are able to run your project through to the completion of the build ensuring your design and asset is protected. We are also able to provide a unique service where you don’t pay expensive upfront design and documentation costs usually associated with architecture. Let us show you how the architectural design process can be affordable to everyone, and fulfil my desire to see as many people living happily in well designed, thermally efficient homes in Western Australia.

See our services page for more information on how we can reduce upfront costs and make our service affordable for you.