Our aim is to make our Architects service affordable to everyone

Service A

Modular Home Design Service

With this service we can reduce construction on site by more than 10 months! One of the big hurdles of building can be the costly relocation of your family. You could pay well over $30,000 in rental costs while your new home is being built. With one of our modular homes, you can stay in your existing home and visit our builder’s factory to see your new home under construction. Once built we need only then several weeks to erect your new home on site.

Our homes follow the Ecohabit model of sustainability, energy efficiency and quality. Modular housing is a great sustainable product. Not only is the quality of the home closely monitored while being built in a controlled environment, but there is far less wastage of materials. Even tradesman working on the home travel less distance to work and materials are delivered in bulk, all of which saves fuel and hence fewer pollutants are going into our atmosphere.

If this sounds like an interesting proposition to you, call us to discuss whether your site is suitable to erect a modular home.

Service C

Full Architectural Service

This service is for the client who wants all the bells and whistles of an architectural service. We work with you to custom design your home to suit your needs. We compile a full documentation set of drawings, specifications, schedules and so on. All through this service we work with you to achieve your ultimate goals in the design of your home. We take care of all planning and building certification requirements. At the end of documentation we will run a tender on your project with preselected builders or builders of your choice. We will arrange all contracts and work on your behalf during construction to ensure the builder adheres to the contract and your affairs are looked after. This service ultimately gives you the peace of mind that the project will be finished on time, with the highest standard and without any of the headaches associated with direct client / builder contracts.