It all starts with a good ecohabit!

The word ‘ecohabit’ derives from two words, ecology and habit. Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with their environment and a habit is repeated routine behaviour.

We are residential architects who belive a well designed home can improve your quality of life as well as influencing good ‘ecohabits’. A home that is well lit, naturally ventilated with fresh air and connected to its outdoor environment, will make its occupants feel more alive and active.

At our Perth based architecture practice, we believe that excellent design should be accessible to everyone. The design philosophies around energy efficient housing are in fact quite simple, but many in our industry have chosen to ignore them for decades. The result is often homes that look appealing, but don’t perform well for the occupants.

We are moving into an era of technology that can positively impact on the liveability of homes and our carbon footprint. It is now possible to be as much as 80% to 90% self-sufficient for energy by designing new homes with modern methods of construction, combined with roof-top solar and affordable battery technology. This is a game changer for the way we design homes!



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Solar Passive Design
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Energy Efficiency
What is an energy efficient home?
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What is a Passive House?
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Sustainable Design
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Sustainable Materials
What products are sustainable may not be as straightforward as you think.
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How do you reduce your environmental impact during my build?
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Healthy Homes
Can I build an eco-friendly home?

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