Sustainable House Day Next Weekend!

Sustainable House Day is fast approaching – have you got your tickets for this virtual event yet? Block out Sunday the 20th September for a day of interactive learning from examples of sustainable homes all around Australia. One of our recently completed houses will be featured – here’s a preview of what you will see:


If you have not participated in Sustainable House Day before it is a great source of information for an overview on the different aspects of sustainable homes, and if you have attended before it’s a great opportunity to see what new technologies and applications have arisen, improvements in existing technologies, and more inspiration of innovative designs.


While this year will look quite different being an online event, it means that you will have access to projects all around the nation – you could be getting inspiration from a house in Sydney, or see how a new sustainable technology works in a home in Brisbane, and then use it right here in WA. Each project will have a virtual tour or a pre-recorded video tour, with the possibility to ask questions of the home owners or architects, in addition to access to online discussions and webinars.


You will learn so much more from an event like this than by researching sustainable home design online. There is an overwhelming amount of information online, but it is hard to know what works in reality, what is value for money, how well certain things work for your particular climate and site, or what is just being promoted by an invested party. At Sustainable House Day, you can ask experts these questions, and talk to the people who live in these homes to get their feedback on how the home performs in reality.


Make sure you register to be able to participate – you will be able to walk through one of our recently completed projects too!