|    June 1, 2022

Plungie Pools: An Affordable Pool Option

During one of our recent residential projects we came across the dilemma of a disproportionally high cost for a pool installation. In the search for a more affordable pool option, we came across Plungie Pools, a manufacturer and supplier of pre-cast concrete pools. This pool option saved our clients thousands of dollars in comparison to the more traditional on-site pool construction process. Another significant benefit apart from the cost savings is the quick turn around time as the pools are manufactured off-site and the simple process of installation rather than a more involved on-site construction.

The Plungie Pools can be installed by a Plungie Dealer in selected areas across Australia who will prepare the site and install the pool. Otherwise, a qualified home builder or pool builder can manage the certification, site preparation, and installation. In some areas owner-builders can install a Plungie depending on the local government requirements.

The process that we undertook for our project has been summarised from the Plungie Pools website below to give you a better understanding of what is involved in a Plungie Pool:

  • Choose your Plungie and receive a quote
  • Apply for building approval/certification
  • Prepare the site, including a concrete slab footing for the pool to sit on
  • Hire a crane to lift the pool from the delivery truck to the concrete base slab footing

  • Each Plungie is pre-fitted with its primary plumbing, when on-site a plumb-up service is required to connect the general filtration equipment to the pre-fitted provisions.
  • Every Plungie requires earthing, which must be completed by a trade-qualified electrician as the filtration equipment requires access to power.
  • Back-filling is required if the Plungie is in-ground or semi-recessed
  • The Plungie can then be finished to suit your home, such as adding tiles.
  • Once fencing certification is complete, the pool can be filled and chemically balanced ready for swimming.

If you are interested in a Plungie Pool, have a look at their website here:


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