|    November 24, 2022

The Future Homes Expo, 2022 is the launchpad for the World Renewable Energy Conference and a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our expertise within the sustainable design space.

Ecohabit will be an exhibitor so come along and see us and please feel free to bring your plans along and we’d be happy to review them and provide free sustainability and energy efficiency advice.

Unlike other home building expos, the Future Homes Expo will focus on home building and design that allows you to live better whilst impacting on the environment less.

It will feature exhibitors and expert presentations (including Adrian Fratelle) that will provide information and products relating to eco design, construction, landscaping and appliances.

Adrian will be presenting on the main stage at 2.30pm.

Sidenote: Entry is FREE and there will also be food trucks and lunchtime live music.

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