Sustainable Home Design Seminar – 18 July

Are you planning on taking advantage of the Government’s recently announced home builder grants? Come down to Home Base this weekend as Adrian is holding a seminar on sustainable design – this will be a great way to get some information and ideas on how you can incorporate different sustainability measures in your new home. No matter the scope of works or style of your project, most people are interested in incorporating sustainable design in some aspect or another. Whether your motivation is for cost savings, creating the most comfortable home, or to be as environmentally conscious as possible. There are countless products, options and information on the internet about sustainable design however it can be difficult to distinguish between what really works, what is most appropriate for your circumstances and what will be the most cost effective in reality.


Come join our director, Adrian Fratelle, at Home Base this Saturday the 18th July as he presents on just these ideas. His seminar will cover things to consider before you have even started your project, design principles that should drive your choices, and discussing particular products and systems and how they work. He will help you navigate your way through the web of information out there so you have a clear understanding of sustainable design. Whether you want to take advantage of the government grants on offer, if you just want to be more informed or think there may be a project in the far off future. This is a great opportunity to learn from someone in the know. Head to the Home Base website here to get tickets: