Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day. Earth Day is one day during the year in which we make an effort to acknowledge those that have made great contributions in the environmental movement and support and encourage others to work towards more sustainable practices in every aspects of their lives and businesses. At Ecohabit, our main goal is to create well-designed sustainable homes. There are many different approaches to sustainability in home design, from passive house principles, to different products and technologies. Each project that we take on, we go on a journey with our clients to explore the different sustainability options available and which ones are the most suitable to their project. We know the world of sustainability can be complex, there are constantly new technologies and systems being released that address different problems, that are striving to be increasingly efficient and responsible. If you are interested in a sustainable home, whether you are looking to renovate your current home or undertake a new build, we can help guide you through the web of sustainability information online.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our sustainable designs, our clients, our consultants, and our suppliers. It is through the actions of every individual that we can see these great visions of a more sustainable world realized! Happy Earth Day!