Australia First Clean Energy Home Loan

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has made available financing for the first ‘Clean Energy Home Loan’ via Bank Australia. Those eligible will receive a 0.4% discount on their home loan for up to five years if their home meets a minimum 7-stars NatHERS rating. The loan is available to both those who are buying or building a home, with mortgages below $1.5million.


This is a great step by the finance industry to get involved with the property industry’s journey to sustainability. By providing the Clean Energy Home Loan, they are incentivising the population towards more sustainable homes with smaller carbon footprints and making them more accessible.


There has also been indication for future plans to extend the eligibility of the home loan.


If you want to know more about what the NatHERS rating means, we did a piece explaining the rating system here:


To find out more about the clean energy home loan, CEFC have released a factsheet: