Kensington Residence

Status: complete

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design

Our clients for this project owned a site with an existing cottage on it that fell short of their current living needs. The cottage had 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small congested kitchen and dining area in a sleepout with a deck to the rear.


With the brief of an extension for a new living space, a master bedroom with ensuite and a functional study area, the old existing sleepout and deck were removed. Due to a sloping site, a split level approach was taken for the extension, with a half flight of stairs down to the new kitchen and living area and a half flight up to the master bedroom and ensuite.


The extension was built to be highly energy efficient, incorporating passive house principles with effective air tightness, a heat exchange unit, double glazing, a highly efficient timber frame wall system, breathable wall membranes and high R values. On site was an established tree that was utilised in the design to provide an outlook for the master bedroom and shade for the building and outdoor areas.


As our clients for this project entertain a lot in their day to day lives, the kitchen, dining and living area were designed to flow through into the outdoor deck areas. There is direct easy access from both the kitchen and the living areas to the external entertaining area, making entertaining easy for our clients.


Whilst the building was designed to passive house principles that ideally come into play when a house is closed up, since our clients love the outdoors and entertaining, the building was also designed to be able to breathe naturally as well as to operate as a passive house home. This can be seen in the incorporation of openings placed strategically for optimal cross-flow ventilation which allows the spaces to be effectively cooled when the building is opened up to the outdoors.

Photography courtesy of the builder: iSmart Building Group