Modular House

Our original modular design that ticks all the boxes for a quick, affordable and sustainable home.

This two-storey, 135m2 modular home installed in Hamilton Hill consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open plan living, dining and kitchen. The small block size was limiting, but careful design ensured it still feels spacious and generous. Windows capture ocean and park views, with double glazing to reduce the heat of the setting sun.

A particularly appealing feature of modular homes is that they can be built in as little as six months. With many other typical builds taking eighteen months, this means homeowners can move in faster and save money on rent and mortgage payments. The twelve-month time difference has the potential to save a significant amount of money.

The manufacturing process of these designs also results in better quality builds as they’re constructed in a controlled environment with constant supervision.

Sustainable features

Due to their design, modular homes naturally tend to be more energy efficient as their lightweight framing helps cool the home much faster in summer. The manufacturing process of a modular home is also a more sustainable process than on-site builds. As they’re in a controlled factory, where multiple other projects are also being built, materials are more likely to be recycled and reused. This reduces the 15+ million tonnes of waste that the construction industry produces every year in Australia.

To further maximise efficiency, double-glazed windows have been used throughout the home, which helps keep heat inside during winter and out during summer.

The director of Ecohabit, Adrian Fratelle, is extremely knowledgeable in prefabricated and modular construction. The turnaround time of these modular homes is perfect for anyone looking for a quick, space efficient solution that still allows them to be involved in the design process.

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