Erskine Residence

With plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces this home is an entertainer’s dream.

Perfect for hosting guests, the Erskine Residence is a peaceful home just to the south of Mandurah. Taking advantage of its location, estuary views can be captured from the property.  On the ground floor you’ll find a double garage with a workshop attached and the master bedroom with a walk-in robe and ensuite. There is also an open plan kitchen, dining and living area complete with walk-in pantry and deck area. Acting as an ancillary dwelling there is an additional bedroom with an ensuite, kitchenette and private deck. The first floor contains a bedroom, bathroom, powder room, and living area with its own kitchenette and fold down bed that then opens onto a balcony. The finish is a combination of vertical and horizontal cladding in a series of white, greys, and pale blue to capture the beach holiday vibe of Mandurah.

Clients’ priorities

After living on a rural property in a double brick federation home this new house marks a lifestyle change for these clients as they move into town. Soon to retire, their main priorities for the house included low maintenance, comfortable, and energy efficiency. Having a semi-independent ancillary dwelling incorporated into the home was also important so they could care for their ageing mother.

We located this on the ground floor opposite the master bedroom for optimum accessibility to the whole house. Our clients also wanted to create a private area within the house for their teenage son.

To do this we designed the upper floor to be an independent private space with all the amenities he would need.


The main challenge for this property is that the views of the estuary are to the east. This meant that east facing windows was necessary despite the increased summer heat. To deal with this, we used UPVC double glazed windows and incorporated significant shading to the east facing windows.

Sustainable features

The house has been designed to allow solar panels to be directly mounted on the roof, ensuring maximum roof area and correct orientation for the panels. The walls and roof are timber framed and have a high insulation rating.

All windows are uPVC double glazed to minimise heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. There are no west-facing windows and all east-facing windows are well-shaded.


We included more windows to the north and south to optimise temperature control and ventilation.

The home will use Plico Energy’s new model of solar power provision called SAAS or Solar As A Service. Plico will provide our clients a 6.6kW solar system and a 7.5Kw battery system for a flat weekly rental fee. This eradicates the initial lump sum cost which can be unaffordable for many. For our clients, we estimate that this system will generate up to 80-90% of their energy needs.

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