Beach Bach

Evoking beach holiday vibes all year round The Beach Bach is perfect for any coastal lover.

Located on a hilltop in a beachside suburb, the aim of the Beach Bach was to bring that coastal feeling further inland by providing glimpses of the ocean and a light palette. A Bach is a New Zealand term for a beachside holiday house and is the perfect description of the home we wanted to create!

Client priorities

Our clients came to us looking for a design that would have a 6-star energy efficiency rating, utilise recycled and low maintenance materials, and capture as much ocean views as possible. It was important for the main space within the house to be able to open  to the outside and blur the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces. The site is of generous size, and the backyard was to include a pool, granny flat, shed and space for a vegetable garden and chickens.

Our design response included an open plan kitchen, dining and living room on the ground floor, with windows to the front veranda and rear alfresco. We ensured that it was possible to open the main living areas to the outside, which also allowed maximum crossflow ventilation. The main downstairs corridor has views across the pool through a translucent, louvred wall on one side, and into a fern garden on the other.

Sustainable features

Recycled brick, rammed earth and natural timbers were utilised throughout the design, while  the deterioration associated with living near the coast was accounted for with stronger materials like composite timber and weatherboard claddings.


We sought to bring as much natural light into the house as possible with expansive windows to the front northern elevation, while also providing enough shading to protect from the summer sun.

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