White Gum Valley Residence

Status: in progress

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design /
  • Interiors

For this project our clients wished us to maintain the integrity of their existing single storey suburban home while providing a new first floor extension to accommodate for their growing family. With a strong focus on passivehaus and sustainability, three new bedrooms and an ensuite will be added upstairs with an updated kitchen, dining, and family area within the existing ground floor brick walls.


The existing pitched roof will be removed entirely, updating the look of the house from the standard style to a subtle take on modernism. The heavily insulated walls and ceiling spaces will combine with north facing double glazing to ensure a high level of energy efficiency and stable year round comfort with a smart use of crossflow ventilation. To optimise their spaces, old internal brick walls have been removed to open up the new large living areas with smart cabinetry and a study nook tucked away under the staircase.


One of the key requests from our clients was to minimize the amount of disruption to their life. To achieve this, we designed the first floor extension to suit a prefabricated modular construction and ensure the shortest possible build time was available to them with a primarily offsite build. Another key design driver was the client’s love of the Rose Seidler house, a well known mid-century modernist house completed in Sydney in 1950. The key design principles of this house were taken as inspiration for the approach to their extension.



The increased natural light throughout and updated finishes will be bringing this home (literally) out of the dark for our clients and make it a great place to raise their young family.


This project started construction in January 2020 and is scheduled for completion later in 2020.