Shoalwater Residence

Status: complete

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design /
  • Interiors

Located only a few hundred meters from the beach with its side boundary to north, the site for this home presented as a great opportunity to maximize the buildings performance and remove any reliance on mechanical heating or cooling. The home is located on a very compact and square 348m² site which posed a challenge. Long sites are typically better to design for when trying to achieve good solar passive performance.

The solution for this site was to create a home with a northern courtyard that essentially narrowed the home at the waist. This allows lost of winter sunshine to penetrate into the heart of the home and summer sea breeze to purge the home of heat.

Bifold doors open the living areas up onto the alfresco area creating a fairly seamless transition from inside to out. Adjustable louvers around the top of the alfresco roof allow the occupants to control the amount of sunlight that comes into the home. The skillion roof was purposely selected to create The Bernoulli Effect.  Air that flows over the roof creates a low pressure which in turn draws air through the home and out through the alfresco area. By adjusting how much windows are open in the adjacent bedrooms will control the speed of airflow through the home.