Modular 3xBed House

Status: in progress

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design

This complete 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom modular home is available fully liveable with 2.7m high ceilings, fully painted, with all floor finishes, double glazing and an alfresco deck. It can be bought off the plan or with the option of customisation based on this design.


Built in a factory, the construction period of this house is as little as 3 months and depending on the site location and conditions, install time can be as quick as one week. These short timeframes can equate to significant savings when compared to a traditional 12 month build time of a comparatively sized brick home. When rental costs and mortgage repayments on land during that 12 month period are taken into consideration, a traditional build versus a modular could have additional costs easily equating to $52,000.


Factory built homes have the added benefit of being very high in quality as they are constructed in a controlled environment regulated by expert supervision and quality control. The whole building manufacture process is significantly more sustainable than traditional builds with a central facility building multiple homes there is minimal material wastage that is often seen on construction sites.