Mt Lawley Residence

Status: complete

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design /
  • Interiors

We are often presented with the question of whether to demolish a home or retain it. Sometimes it can be borderline. You may pour more energy and resources into renovating and not provide any benefit to yourself or the environment. This was one of those homes. It was essentially a project home of the 50’s designed to look like something much older and with no real heritage significance. It did fall within a heritage protection area and so the council decided it needed to be retained. Our job was then to make the most of the existing building providing our clients with a building that was to fit in with all of the multi-million dollar neighbouring properties and be as energy efficient as possible.

To make this home sustainable we retained as much of the existing home as feasible right down to the rear carport that was converted into an alfresco area. The rear open plan kitchen, dining and living areas were cranked at 45° to the existing building to gain a better solar orientation and maximize cross flow ventilation. The first floor sleeping area extension has all been built out of renewable timber framework. The external stud framed walls have been constructed at 180mm thick to maximize insulation and provide a typical reveal seen on a rendered brick wall. The first floor stays at a very constant temperature.

The result has been a very comfortable home for our clients that is fitting of its affluent surroundings.