Mira Mar Residence

Status: in progress

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design

The Mira Mar house is located in the northern suburbs of Albany, in the south of Western Australia. With close access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and some of Australia’s best wineries, we sought to create a home that feels like a tourist attraction every time you walk through the front door!


Our clients are wine makers by trade and wanted a design that matched the sophistication of their product. They were seeking three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a spacious living, kitchen, and dining space that could spill out to an alfresco area so that entertaining a large group would be easily accommodated. Sustainability and energy efficiency was to be a driving factor in the design.


In respect of our client’s budget, our design approach had to maximise efficiency, while still delivering a high quality finish. The design was born out of an exploration of prefabrication methods, as this would cut down construction time, and get our clients into their new home as quickly as possible. The house is placed on stilts in order to accommodate the significant slope across the site, with minimal earthworks and retaining, and with the sizeable headspace created underneath the house, were able to provide space for a workshop and undercover car parking, while minimising extra construction. Recycled timber was utilised where possible around the alfresco area, while a rainwater storage tank and orientation to take advantage of crossflow ventilation were utilised to maximise the energy efficiency and sustainability of the design. The materiality of the cladding incorporates contrast in materials and colours to provide visual differentiation of spaces, such as light and dark, metal and timber.


Our favourite part of the design is how the space inside can be manipulated to provide more privacy or more openness as required. The main kitchen and dining space can open up into the alfresco and the living room for large gatherings, or be shut off with sliding barn doors to create a more intimate setting. The service areas like the laundry and mud room can be kept open for ease of use during the day, and closed off when entertaining. The bedrooms are separated into a different wing of the house, so the parents can party on while the kids sleep soundly.


The Mira Mar House is the perfect mix of entertaining space and family home, to suit one of the best locations in the state. Picture yourself walking through the alfresco into a main living space filled with natural daylight and we think you’ll agree that it’s place you’d love to call home!

This project is expected to start construction in mid-2020.