Ecohabit Modular House

Status: complete

This modular home was installed in Hamilton Hill

This two storey 135m2 modular home installed in Hamilton Hill consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious open plan dining living and kitchen area, with double glazing and cedar cladding. The small block size meant that the footprint of the building was limited however the layout of the interior is designed so the house feels spacious and generous. The windows were strategically placed to capture the ocean and park views. The rule of thumb for environmentally efficient buildings is to place the glazing on the northern and southern elevations and minimise glazing to the east and west to avoid heat gain. However we are of the philosophy that each home must meet the client’s lifestyle expectations and as such, we have located the windows to capture the views. Utilizing double glazed windows throughout, we maintained the efficiency of the building whilst meeting our client’s lifestyle expectations.

Ecohabit Homes director Adrian Fratelle is extremely knowledgeable in prefabricated and modular construction; he is a board director for PrefabAUS, the peak body for Australia’s off-site construction industry and building prefabrication technology and design. In Perth there exist a lot of modular construction companies who have been experts in the field for extensive periods of time within the mining sector. With the current mining economic slowdown, Ecohabit Homes has been capitalising on the availability of these manufacturers for the construction of prefabricated homes. Our process with the client is that Ecohabit Homes as an architectural firm will take our clients under our wing, design their building while working closely with the selected modular company to achieve the desired outcomes of the client.

This project demonstrates the benefits that people can gain from building modular. Apart from the significant advantages of the home being able to be designed and built in as little as 6 months there are a lot more gains that aren’t well known about building modular.

As noted in other projects on this website, with the rapid speed of construction there are additional potential cost savings for the Client. Our design and build process can be a speedy 6 months in comparison to a similar home from a project home builder that could typically take 18 months. Mortgage and rental costs can easily tally up to $1000 per week for most people. With a time saving of 12 months, this can equate to a potential savings of $52,000 per year.

Modular homes can more easily attain a greater energy efficiency. Their lightweight framing means that the building cools down quickly in summer, the double glazing locks in warmth in winter and keeps out the heat in summer.

The whole process is more sustainable than an on-site build. Building in a controlled factory environment means that most off cuts of material are recycled. This reduces the contribution to the 15 million+ tonnes of waste that is produced in construction throughout Australia each year.

The process of building in a factory setting means that there are no delays or adverse quality impacts due to bad weather and that there is supervision for 100% of the construction period resulting in a higher quality build.

The turnaround of these modular homes is perfect for those looking for speedy, space efficient solutions, whilst being able to be involved in the design process of creating your ideal affordable home.