Como Townhouses

Status: in progress

Services provided:
  • Architecture /
  • Design

This project is based on the subdivision of an existing corner lot in Como into two for the development of two executive townhouses. The two storey townhouse elevations are contemporary but with combination of facebrick and render on the ground floor reflecting the local materials of the area. The first floor is clad in dark grey colorbond vertical ribbed cladding with a combination of recessed and boxed windows.


On the ground floor, residents have a double garage, an open plan kitchen with scullery, living, and dining area opening onto northern outdoor courtyards. There is a separate laundry and powder room, as well as a ground floor master bedroom, walk in robe, and ensuite.


Upstairs on the first floor, there is a second master bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite, and two additional bedrooms, a study, separate bathroom and powder room, and an additional first floor living area which opens onto a balcony that looks into the rear courtyard. The development provides living areas and courtyards well away from each other and the street, providing the privacy and amenity suited to our contemporary lifestyle.


The house has been specified with R4.0 batts to the ceiling and walls of the upper floor. This high level of insulation means that the house will have less heat gain and loss, meaning less energy will be needed to keep the temperature comfortable. The first floor and walls are to be prefabricated by Offsite, resulting in less material wastage during the construction in the factory and meaning the build will be more time efficient. The upper floor will have a Proclima building wrap to reduce air leakage, with double glazed Kommerling windows by Climate Frame. The position of the windows in the house were strategically designed for optimal airflow throughout the house, using the Bernoulli Principle to increase the natural ventilation and cool the house in summer. Using Offsite to prefabricate certain components of the townhouses, the construction timeframe is expected to be 9 months, 3 months less than more traditional masonry construction.