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A New Model for Solar: Solar As A Service

Traditionally the only way for a household to have access to solar power was to invest in a solar PV system themselves and have it installed on the roof of a home that they owned. This presents an issue in that this is quite an expensive initial outlay of money which takes years to see a return on, and it is prohibitive to those who are renting but wish to invest in a greener energy source. Recognising that this system is restricting some from having access to solar, we have seen various models being developed aiming to provide alternatives.

One of the more recent, and seemingly feasible, is the ‘Solar As A Service’ model that has been developed by Plico Energy. The way that Solar As A Service runs is that the operator owns the solar system and installs it and a battery system on your home at their cost, and the occupier pays a weekly rental fee for the system. This allows people to invest in clean energy to offset their power bills from the get go without having to save a large chunk of money for the initial cost outlay. This translates well to rental properties as the tenant pays the weekly rental fee, and if there is a change in tenant the weekly rental fee just passes to the new tenant. The added benefit of this system is that the supplier deals with any issues regarding the system and is responsible for its maintenance. We see this as a great model that will make solar power more affordable to a large number of households, and we have even specified Plico Energy’s ‘Solar As A Service’ operation for one of our most recent residential designs.