Join Our Team: We Are Seeking a Residential Architect

Are you wanting a new opportunity to work on an exciting range of sustainable projects in the residential sector? We are looking for a registered residential architect to join our team immediately.  Our projects focus on our client’s lifestyles, their desires to live in energy efficient homes, and our own desire to have a positive impact on climate change.

As Project Architect, 8-10 years’ experience is required as well as experience with Revit. Your role will include design, documentation, and construction support, along with co-ordination of consultants, clients, and contractors, and team leadership.

For more information on the role, we have an advertisement on Seek which can be found here.

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City Beach Family Retreat: New Concept Design

Our newest concept is for a dramatic home renovation in the envious location of City Beach. The home renovation expands on the existing two storey home to create a three storey house with a new layout that transforms how the house is used to better suit our clients and their family. This new interior organisation creates new zones and areas that provide the comfort of a private retreat and also open social areas for connection. To read about what drove our clients vision for their home renovation, the challenges we overcame, and our favourite features of the home, head to the project page here.

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Latest Technologies

Plungie Pools: An Affordable Pool Option

During one of our recent residential projects we came across the dilemma of a disproportionally high cost for a pool installation. In the search for a more affordable pool option, we came across Plungie Pools, a manufacturer and supplier of pre-cast concrete pools. This pool option saved our clients thousands of dollars in comparison to the more traditional on-site pool construction process. Another significant benefit apart from the cost savings is the quick turn around time as the pools are manufactured off-site and the simple process of installation rather than a more involved on-site construction.

The Plungie Pools can be installed by a Plungie Dealer in selected areas across Australia who will prepare the site and install the pool. Otherwise, a qualified home builder or pool builder can manage the certification, site preparation, and installation. In some areas owner-builders can install a Plungie depending on the local government requirements.

The process that we undertook for our project has been summarised from the Plungie Pools website below to give you a better understanding of what is involved in a Plungie Pool:

  1. Choose your Plungie and receive a quote
  2. Apply for building approval/certification
  3. Prepare the site, including a concrete slab footing for the pool to sit on
  4. Hire a crane to lift the pool from the delivery truck to the concrete base slab footing
  5. Each Plungie is pre-fitted with its primary plumbing, when on-site a plumb-up service is required to connect the general filtration equipment to the pre-fitted provisions.
  6. Every Plungie requires earthing, which must be completed by a trade-qualified electrician as the filtration equipment requires access to power.
  7. Back-filling is required if the Plungie is in-ground or semi-recessed
  8. The Plungie can then be finished to suit your home, such as adding tiles.
  9. Once fencing certification is complete, the pool can be filled and chemically balanced ready for swimming.

If you are interested in a Plungie Pool, have a look at their website here:

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