The Tankulator: A Tool to Help You With Your Home Water Consumption

Water is one of our most precious resources, especially here in WA where it is relatively dry. A great way to save water from our precious dams is to install a water tank on your property. The main advantages to installing a rainwater tank on your property is to reduce the stress on our strained dams, and the financial benefits by offsetting any water you would otherwise have used from the mains. Thankfully rainwater tanks are more accessible as no longer is your only option an above ground large round tank, there are many varieties of water tanks, each of them suitable to different situations and aims. Your typical rainwater tanks are round above ground tanks, slimline above ground tanks for space saving, above ground storage walls for narrow spaces, underground water tanks for a large catchment and space saving, and bladders for unused spaces.


When deciding what rainwater tank to use, it is important to estimate the most appropriate tank size to meet your needs and ensure you don’t pay for something you don’t need. Tank size varies depending on how much water you use, how much rainfall your area receives, your roof catchment size, and how much excess water you want to keep as security. A great tool to help you calculate this is the Tankulator. You input your specific set of conditions and it estimates what size tank you will need. It is free, very simple, and a great place to start if this is something that you have been thinking about.