The Future of Housing: Integrated Robotics

Popping up left, right, and centre, are technological innovations so numerous that it is impossible to keep up to date with half of them. These advancements being developed so rapid-fire are almost overwhelming. Every industry is experiencing significant innovation and automation, and the residential industry is no different. Have a look at this ‘FarmBot’ that does exactly what it sounds like and automates your gardening process to maximise your produce. No longer will your ability to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs, be limited by a ‘black thumb’. This could make growing your own produce a lot more accessible to the population, reducing our reliance upon food flown halfway around the world, and once the initial capital cost is paid off, could easily reduce family grocery expenses. While this specific product may seem unnecessary for some, it is often these technologies that are the first step in ground breaking developments that lead us to greater, more widely applicable advancements. Take the ‘Farm Bot’ for example, it is a demonstration of a sophisticated amalgamation of the virtual world with the physical world. It is not just a ‘gardening robot’ but technology that is able to take in information from the physical world, assess and respond to that information automatically, altering the technology’s future behaviour according to what the data input was. Of course this can be tweaked by humans as we desire, but the fact that it is able to respond uniquely to the conditions of the physical world without our input is where the great potential lies.


This prompts interesting questions about what other automation in housing we will see in the future. Our lives and the way we interact with our houses is constantly changing along with our lifestyles – so what will our future houses look like?


We have seen inventive approaches to houses on the rise – for example, the Girasole house that rotates to follow the sun and wind. Perhaps we will see whole glass wall panels that you can set to opaque, and programme different areas to go transparent at different times to create a system of ‘changing windows’ to suit your needs. Who knows what the future holds? One thing is for certain, advancements in technology and robotics will be changing how we live in our houses.