Solar Panels – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Solar panels: we know the good, but did you know about the bad and the ugly??

As more and more people move towards integrating renewable energy into their homes to lower energy costs and reliance on non-renewable energy sources, it is important to remain cautious about what you are putting into your home. Roughly one fifth of homes across Australia have installed solar panels, with consumers expecting that the initial cost outlay will be recuperated through long term energy cost savings.


Many are not aware however that substandard solar panels are common throughout Australia and it pays to be thorough when choosing solar panels for your home. There are many stories around of residents paying thousands for solar panels that were underperforming and provided minimal return, or were of poor quality, easily damaged by weather, and had to be discarded after only a few years. It will most likely surprise you to learn that only around 1% of solar panels have been inspected by the Clean Energy Regulator, and that of those, one sixth have been found to have had substandard installations and one in thirty have been found to be unsafe.


The merits of solar panels should not discounted because of subpar products and installers in the market, with increased scrutiny and standards these will eventually dwindle. In the interim – it pays to be aware and comprehensive in your research. It could save you thousands, in addition to wasted time, resources, and the hassle. The Clean Energy Council is the body within Australia that accredits solar PV products and installers. They have lists of accredited installers and retailers on their website that you can check to ensure that you are not getting low quality overseas products and installers who will not cut corners.


If you want to learn more, head to the Clean Energy Council website, or the ABC have produced an article on more detail about the industry and what to watch out for here: