New Sustainable Approaches to Business Development Areas – Peel Business Park

As Perth is growing we are seeing the improvement of approaches to the planning of new development areas. A perfect example is Landcorp’s proactive planning of the Transform Peel program. The Peel area is a sub-region of WA south of Perth, and a key development area over the next 30 years. Part of this initiative in forward thinking is the Peel Business Park located within the Peel development area. The Peel Business Park is an estate designed to be an innovative and sustainable industrial zone for the Agricultural & Industrial sector. The park is designed to become the new home of agri-innovation, through developing high-quality food production, which isn’t climate dependent and creating stronger connections between agricultural and logistics chains to help build critical capacity, business capability and export readiness. Key features are:

  • The inclusion of a campus style technology park for research, development & training
  • Focus on sustainable and innovative infrastructure, including renewable energy (The Business Park will include one of WA’s largest renewable energy industrial microgrids which will initially have a 1 megawatt capacity with plans to grow based on demand).
  • Design of the Peel Business Park will be to reduce water consumption, with investigation of bore irrigation systems, integrated stormwater management, rainwater harvesting systems, managed aquifer recharge systems, water efficient fixtures and appliances, real time monitoring and low water use landscaping.


Not only will this development create jobs, it will encourage industry innovation all while acting as an example of how industrial land developments can incorporate sustainable features. It is encouraging to see this approach become more and more accepted and we anticipate that in the not too far future that it will be embraced as the standard.

For more updates on the project, head to the Landcorp website: