Home Open: A Hit!

Did you manage to come to our recent Home Open in Kensington? The event was a big hit and we had a great crowd drop in throughout the day. For all those who attended you would have felt how well a passive house performs on the unusually hot day we had. The temperature difference between outside and inside the house was impressive – you can’t beat a first-hand experience of how important a well-sealed and insulated home is. Hopefully you were able to meet Adrian or Richard from our team and pick their brains on the design of the home, and sustainable design in general. We would like to thank our co-hosts, iSmart Building Group, who did a fantastic job on the execution of the sustainable build – with any luck you managed to catch up with Brian on the different construction approaches that enable the house to perform so well. If you didn’t, some of the key features are an insulated concrete slab, a timber framing system, double glazing, heat recovery ventilation system, and vapour permeable and air tight membrane systems on the wall panels. If you want more information on the Kensington house, including construction and completion photos, and information on the technicals head to our website: http://ecohabit.com.au/project/kensington-residence/ or get in touch with us today on (08) 9463 0850.