Healthy Homes: How to Have One… Part 4 – Nature

One simple way to improve your home is through the incorporation of nature. The addition of indoor plants into your home has dual benefits of reducing the toxins in the air to improve its quality and also mental health benefits.


There are many studies emerging that demonstrate that even just viewing plants actually reduces stress, is beneficial to the brain and reduces muscles tension. If you have a black thumb, or areas of your house that do not get enough natural light for plants, the use of fake plants still work wonders for your mental health. Some easy to grow plants that are great at cleaning your air are the spider plant, mother-in-law’s tongue and devil’s ivy which is great in low light conditions.


Another approach is to ensure that you have windows that look out onto nature, so if you have a paved alfresco area make sure you add pot plenty of pot plants if you have restrictions on in-ground planting.