Guilt Free Long Showers

A regular internal conflict I think most of us feel – that long hot shower or the quick water wise one?

The temptation to savour a long moment under soothing hot water with uninterrupted time to think is a big one. However guilt always edges into your mind, conscious of the long hot summers we have, the news reports of how much rain we did or didn’t get, and the regular reminders to be water-wise.


However, this internal conflict may be a thing of the past – glorious guilt free long hot showers. A company, Flow Loop, has designed a system that recirculates the water that would normally drain away to waste through a filtration system, back into the shower. Apparently the filtration is so good that the recirculated water is cleaner than the initial water, however you do have the option of turning this mode off if you need to.


This would be a great feature to have in all homes, and we think that in the near future that is what we will see!


This website details all the features and how it works:—sustainable-showers.html