Fremantle First – New Sustainable Development: East Village

Landcorp has begun a new community development in Fremantle that provides an array of sustainable and ‘self-sufficiency’ measures in a flagship project for high quality, innovative medium-density developments. The community will be completely powered by renewable energy on its own micro grid, with energy sharing, buying and selling via an on-site battery. Other features include electric vehicle fast charging, solar panels, a shared electric vehicle scheme, stormwater recycling for garden irrigation and rainwater used for showers, toilets, and washing machines. On site there will run a ‘living laboratory’ in conjunction with Curtin University, to trial and test the efficacy of the innovative technologies. Additionally, the battery has been installed already to be utilised during the construction, reducing the carbon footprint of the project from the very start.


The proactive approach of Landcorp in trialling and demonstrating sustainable developments such as East Village is a benefit to the industry – it boosts confidence in the viability of such projects and provides a model to guide other developments.


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