Electricity Generating Footpaths

In our search for alternative energy sources people are looking to see if they can exploit everyday situations for a solution to their energy needs. One proposal is footpaths that generate electricity when pedestrians walk on them. This technology by Pavegen, which has been trialled in London, Berlin and Paris, works by pressure from walking on the panels compressing a board, with the kinetic energy creating power which is stored in batteries.


The energy generated from the footpaths is relatively low, enough to charge your phone perhaps, but is indicative of trends towards micro-scale power that offset the reliance on large scale non-renewable energy producers. If enough of these technologies that rely on the passive actions of the general public to create energy are in place, we could potentially see an impact on the consumption of traditionally generated energy, or at the very least, inspire innovative approaches to meeting energy demands. For more info on this footpath technology head here: