Do You Really Need to Have a Site Before You Meet With an Architect?

So you are looking at building a home. You probably have some ideas in mind of what you like and what areas you are looking at building in. Now you are on the hunt for the perfect site to build your dream home. The site you pick is very important, and while it is possible to build a beautiful home on any site, it can make the whole process easier (and sometimes cheaper), if you pick the best site from the outset that suits your vision for your home.


Now – do you NEED to have a site purchased before you meet with an architect? Most clients approach architects with a site already, however, at Ecohabit we actually love when our clients come to us without a site yet. The reason for this is that as part of our process working with a client, we have an initial sit down and discuss what the client wants, we try to understand how they live their lives and what they value. Once we have a good idea of what our client is hoping to achieve with designing and building their dream home we can help guide the client on what type of site would best suit their dream home. As architects, we know the most valuable features to look for in sites, and we know what to look out for and avoid. We can work with our clients to advise them on site orientation, site shape and size, access points, views, overlooking, weather features, and levels. If we are aware of the site conditions before the project begins, we can ensure that it is possible to design the sort of home that suits our clients on the site they are looking at. We find that this a great way to start off the project, as our experience in site analysis can help our clients make the best decision for them and enhance the final result of their ideal house.


If you have been keeping an eye on the market, looking for the perfect site to secure before you start your home building process – get in touch with us today. We can help you so you are starting your home building journey on the best foot.